Road To Recovery: Lessons From Mid-size Retailers

    The coronavirus pandemic affects all sectors of the economy. Above all, the pandemic affects the daily life of people and, in particular,...

    Recycling Mobile Phones Can Help In Understand The Need Of A Safe Environment

    Mobile phones can be defined as a necessity in this modern world, as there are different services, which can be availed with the help...

    Weekly Inspiration and Web Design Resources no.39, 40, 41 and 42

    Oh shit! Almost four weeks has passed and i did not realize the time running that fast. And here we are, had to compile another list of Weekly Inspiration and Web Design Resources no.39, 40, 41 and 42. We also want to let you know as our loyal readers, that we might not be able to post any quality or full-length article for few weeks as we are migrating places to other state. We need to setup complete facilities and enough resources before being able to continue with our routine. What we able to do continuously is to proceed with automatic publishing of public submission that we scheduled prior few weeks before it goes live.

    Install WordPress Themes Automatically

    Now with the latest version of Wordpress 2.8 feature may ease you to install wordpress theme automatically without hassle. Just select the term that you may need, then click search. There you go..

    25 of The Best Footer Design for Websites

    Website design may affects on visits, hits, page impressions, visitor loyalty, unique hits and so on. Other reason might mostly because of the content and writing in it. However, some new trend is in the website footer that has magic effect on visits, eye-catching design that proposed them to return and get certain information in the footer itself. Follow us on 25 of the best footer design available for visit today.

    Drag-n-Drop WordPress Widget is Back

    Since Wordpress version 2.8 (named for noted trumpeter and vocalist Chet Baker) was released, there have been so many new basic features and advance features added to it. Also few features were also left out and didn't make it into version 2.8. However there is one thing that we were missing before and it has made its comeback into this version. The drag-n-drop widget.

    WordPress Hacks: How To Prevent & Secure

    Up until now, there has been three times since this site was hacked and it really made me annoyed when i had to clean up the mess, enabling the inaccessible pages and keeping the sites from not being banned by google. It was the time when i realized how important to prevent and secure any website, not just wordpress site from this unethical hackers before launching it online. Herewith i found few tips to prevent and secure wordpress site from hack.

    How to Add Extra Sidebar(s) to WordPress

    Are you the type of Wordpress user who just directly download a theme and use it all the way, or the type that modified it so that it fulfills the requirement and features of your blog? It may come to you that it needs extra sidebar and you do not know how you can do that. Sometimes they only have one or two sidebar but you needed more. Read more on how you can add more sidebar.

    Sh#t, WPTidBits Was Hacked

    Recently, when wptidbits was just launched for a few days, it went wrong. The site was not accessible and it shows some kind of syntax error originated from on certain line. When i tried to enter admin page, it says same error on index.php. I believe it is not because of recent upgrade or because of the theme i used. I am very sure of it.

    WPTidBits is Ready to Rock

    I know this sounds crazy cause i am not a rock star. I am just a plain simple guy to take small part in the wordpress blogging world. With my few years of experience, i am ready to share what i learned, found and master with wordpress. For those pro out there, do teach me if you have time (bet you don't), and sorry if i'm wrong. I am still eager to learn the essence of mastering wordpress. So here it is what i am officially ready to share.


    Increase Timeout for Slow Server

    It is already known that Wordpress has built-in auto download and install feature. It is very convenient to have. However, for some reasons, we might be facing error timeout. Wordpress do not manage to get updated automatically, or not happening at all. One problem might because of slow server.

    Google Page Speed Online – Important Tool for Reducing Your Hosting Costs

    When you can acquire a website of your own, then you must enrich it to the maximum extent so as to drive a great traffic to your site. Therefore, you should make your web page perform ideally. Google page speed can serve as an effective set of tools to fulfill this purpose.

    8 Simple Tips to Reduce and Optimize Website Loading Time

    Waiting is always irritating and everyone hates to wait. This is also true for websites and blogs, if your website takes too much time to load then it starts losing its visitors and customers. As a website owner it should be your aim to not only make your website user friendly but also make it server friendly. We personally suggest you to focus on reducing loading time of your website. If your website loads fast then it will also be loved by those who have slower internet connections and Search engine algorithms also consider your site’s load time. Let’s have a look on how we can reduce and optimize website loading time.

    Creating Captivating Layouts Using The Principles of Graphic Design

    Graphic designing is the field of designing where one works to create and design different kinds of presentations, magazine, book, journal covers, web-sites, blogs, logos, posters-shirts, and many kinds of designs used for printing and publications. Herewith are the steps needed in creating captivating layouts using the principles of graphic design.