Limit WordPress Excerpt by Word Count

    Rather than using normal Wordpress default excerpt function, which we specified how many words will appear according to what we have typed, we can limit the_excerpt() or get_the_excerpt() by a specific word count for all posts.

    How to Exclude Pages from Search Results

    By default, all the search results from Wordpress will include pages and posts. However, we might want to be able to exclude pages from the search results, and bring results only from posts. To change this default behavior, it is actually quite simple.

    Make Your Title Tag SEO Friendly Manually

    Wordpress title tag plays important role of making your site more visible and SEO friendly, so that it can tell the search engine spider of what your site is about and allows your site to be indexed to the relevant search terms and keywords. There are other ways of customizing your site's template or theme title tag for SEO friendly manually rather than using plugins that are many available today. Follow these simple steps.

    4 Simple Tools To Watermark Images

    It may come to you that images of your blog are sometimes hotlinked and it may affect the bandwidth of your site while losing visitors. Do not worry. One of the way you can do is by watermarking all your images, which gives you an option to promote your blog/ site even when someone is using your images. Listed here are four simple freeware tools to enable watermarking for your website images.

    28 Creative Horizontal Scrolling Websites

    Horizontal scrolling websites have been around for quite some time, with the use of effects and frameworks, some new sites showing up around the web are really beginning to fame. Some of the following websites show how effects, design and colors can be employed to great effect to create eye-catching content and images. Enjoy our picks of 28 of the most creative and most intriguing sites.

    Support Earth Hour: What You Can Do to Reduce Global Warming

    In conjunction of the yearly supported Earth Hour, we managed to switched off all of our lights, and other electrical appliances, except the TV. Good movie was on that one hour. Couldn't resist. Good progress anyway, at least hundreds of watts was saved. Means less bills for the month. Involving in the campaign alone is already contributing so much to save the Earth. So, did you involved in the Earth Hour?

    12 Most Devastating PC Viruses and Worms of All Time (So Far)

    We used to see that every PC we have must be prepared with an Antivirus or spyware for security reasons. Viruses and worms available today may not be as harmful as before (yet) as the regulations and rules became more strict, and Antivirus technology nowadays is regularly updated and became more intelligent. However there were times that viruses and worms have collapsed our business, endangered military security, compromising banks credibility and devastating personal information rights. Herewith listed 12 of the most devastating PC viruses and worms of all time (so far).

    24 Cool Photos You Won’t Believe Are Not Photoshop

    Effects, lightings, dimensions, blurry, backgrounds and many other situation that we may see in a picture describes thousand of words. Some photos might be confusing and deceiving us whether it has been artificially altered by digital technology such as photoshop or not. Believe me some photos are just amazing without relying on photoshop at all.