Drag-n-Drop WordPress Widget is Back

    Since Wordpress version 2.8 (named for noted trumpeter and vocalist Chet Baker) was released, there have been so many new basic features and advance features added to it. Also few features were also left out and didn't make it into version 2.8. However there is one thing that we were missing before and it has made its comeback into this version. The drag-n-drop widget.

    WordPress Hacks: How To Prevent & Secure

    Up until now, there has been three times since this site was hacked and it really made me annoyed when i had to clean up the mess, enabling the inaccessible pages and keeping the sites from not being banned by google. It was the time when i realized how important to prevent and secure any website, not just wordpress site from this unethical hackers before launching it online. Herewith i found few tips to prevent and secure wordpress site from hack.

    How to Add Extra Sidebar(s) to WordPress

    Are you the type of Wordpress user who just directly download a theme and use it all the way, or the type that modified it so that it fulfills the requirement and features of your blog? It may come to you that it needs extra sidebar and you do not know how you can do that. Sometimes they only have one or two sidebar but you needed more. Read more on how you can add more sidebar.

    Sh#t, WPTidBits Was Hacked

    Recently, when wptidbits was just launched for a few days, it went wrong. The site was not accessible and it shows some kind of syntax error originated from on certain line. When i tried to enter admin page, it says same error on index.php. I believe it is not because of recent upgrade or because of the theme i used. I am very sure of it.

    WPTidBits is Ready to Rock

    I know this sounds crazy cause i am not a rock star. I am just a plain simple guy to take small part in the wordpress blogging world. With my few years of experience, i am ready to share what i learned, found and master with wordpress. For those pro out there, do teach me if you have time (bet you don't), and sorry if i'm wrong. I am still eager to learn the essence of mastering wordpress. So here it is what i am officially ready to share.


    6 Best Strategies To Be A Forerunner In Mobile eCommerce

    Responsive layout is the new trend of web. To be successful in web eCommerce you need to conquer mobile ecommerce too. While a successful normal web layout is good enough, there is nothing to lose by having a mobile version of your site. Herewith we bring you 6 best strategies to be a forerunner in mobile eCommerce.

    Top Things To Consider Before Going In For A New Website Design

    A new website design is a little easier these days. You can learn web programming online, or you can buy a template, or you...

    How Satellite Internet Service Fills In the High Speed Gap for Rural Internet Users

    In numerous parts of the world, rural people seem to be deprived of various facilities that urban people enjoy on a daily basis. One such facility is instant access to high speed Internet. Some people from urban areas do not even think about it because they perceive that people living in rural areas simply do not need anything more than the basic necessities of life.

    5 Free WordPress PayPal Plugins You Would Gladly Pay For

    One of the most difficult things a Web Developer can face is trying to come up with a PayPal payment plugin for their site....