Highlight Author Comments in WordPress

    While we were busy linking to a site's post, responding and leaving comments, we might wonder amongst all those comments, which are the authors comments and which are visitors comments. It should be easy to differentiate the two sides. If you have a wordpress website, this can be done easily using simple wordpress hacks.

    Adding Numbers to WordPress Comments

    It might be useful if we can add numbering to a wordpress comment so that we may be able to count of how many comments we obtained. Not to only us but also to the visitors who left their comments. Here is how we can add numbers to wordpress comments.

    54 Great Websites that Use WordPress

    Everyone in the design industry knows the power of Wordpress. It can be use for various applications with different themes and plugins. If you know how to customize and expect the full possibilities of Wordpress, it can be use for almost anything with suitable plugins and some modifications. They are many brands and famous websites today that is using Wordpress without us knowing at all. Herewith i list to you 54 great websites that use Wordpress.

    Six Free Alternatives to Dreamweaver

    Have you ever thought of having other web editor than the plain same feature of Dreamweaver and may be compatible with operating system other than Microsoft Windows? Furthermore, what will it be if they are totally free? If yes, your dream have been long came true. There are many web editors available for users out there. Herewith, we listed six free alternatives of web editor other than Adobe Dreamweaver.

    Adding a jQuery Feature to a WordPress Website

    Since jQuery was made, it has been used widely in various website platforms, in lots of ways and features. One of the platforms where the jQuery is applied is wordpress blogging platform. As one of the most popular blogging tool in the world, how can we apply jQuery into a wordpress website?

    Add Favicon To Your WordPress Website

    One picture describes a lot. So is also a favicon of a website. Some website prefer their favicon represented by image, some really like letters type, while some like it none. So how do we add a favicon to a wordpress website? Auto or manually? Follow these simple steps..

    16 WordPress Theme Clones Based on Popular Websites

    An 'X' website that resembled as similar as one of the most popular website 'Y' on the net may get us confused and provokes the original creator of the popular 'Y' site. However, if the 'X' website does not opposed any legal copyrights of the 'Y' site, then in a good way it may bring luck to the 'X' site. It may receive a lot of visitors, ROI, popularity and good rank in the world wide web. Now let's follow 16 themes that provide same appearance as few popular sites available on the net.

    Securing Files Transfer Using Secure FTP

    Again for the third time this site was hacked, along with our other sites and it was really annoying. When you just about to increase your pagerank, hits, visitors and generating useful ideas to be written, they continue to hacked again. So it is time for self-defense. Get some kevlar vest, equipped yourself with facemask, an anti-hack shot to the vein and prepare for total security of your website. Here we go!