150 Best Social Networks Sections on Designers’ Websites

Once again, let’s talk about the issue of social media bookmarking and sharing – this time we’ll feature the range of social media sections to see how creative designers are currently building their online social presence.

Apparently, social icons (if skillfully accomplished) add rich interactive elements framing any design work in a way different and personalized. They give an individual tone assembling the infinite perfect surrounding for social mediacommunication. Notice the attention to details in proportions, calculated typographic spacing and size, various color effects – everything is done to positively impact the design of a website. By the way, if you haven’t seen our previous post about 150 Best Social Networks Sections on Designers’ Websites, then you should go and take a look at it.

Thereby, having done a total overhaul of the social media icons designs, we are trying now to break the mold and introduce a unique and fresh range of new 150 megaforced social networks sections which express a true appellation character. Time to kick off, so please buckle up and enjoy the ride – here they go!

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