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    Creating Watercolor Illustration Effect in Photoshop

    Book cover design can be a lot of fun for a graphic designer. Book covers might use photographs, typogrpaphy, original illustration or a combination of these effects. In this tutorial, we’ll look at a neat watercolor effect in photoshop you can use on book covers (or in other types of graphic design). This example book cover was for a real world client – a PHD student who wanted an illustrated cover for his thesis. His paper was discussing strategic solutions for airports and how agents can be communicated with. To graphically show the agents acting I used ribbons flowing around the tarmac.

    Seeing it was to do with technology, the clean hard lines seemed appropriate. I created the design below first as a vector. The result was a nice illustration, but flat and unfinished. I took this into Photoshop, downloaded water colour brushes, paper and finished it off.

    In this tutorial I’ll show you how to do a water colour treatment on an illustration in Photoshop.


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