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    Darmstadtiumoid Free WordPress Theme

    Our next freemium theme release is Darmstadtiumoid WordPress theme. With a magazine grid layout, black color palette and straight-forward design, Darmstadtiumoid WordPress theme is a wonderful theme for music, bands, games and other creative niches.

    Because it has a clean and well-structured .pot file, you can translate the theme to your preferred languages with ease. Darmstadtiumoid WordPress theme comes with the latest WordPress 3.0 goodness, custom menu and a lot more!

    Darmstadtiumoid WordPress theme is easy to customize via the backend admin panel. This freemium WordPress theme is packed with an upgraded framework and a robust admin options panel to accommodate the General Settings, Page Tracker, Slideshow Settings, Social Networking, Page Navigation and Advertisements Settings.

    Like our previous theme release, Darmstadtiumoid WordPress theme is also tried and tested to work in a multisite environment. Darmstadtiumoid WordPress theme is WordPress MU compatible theme.

    Darmstadtiumoid WP theme is an awesome WordPress theme which is great for any blogger who wants to impress their readers with their contents and a premium quality design blog at no cost!

    Herewith we bring you Darmstadtiumoid Free WordPress Theme.

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