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    HTML 5 and Flash: Are They Competing for The Space on Web?

    HTML 5 and Flash are fighting for the same place on the Web and graphic community. Have you started believing on this statement? Are they really battling against each other? Or, is it just a rumour? What the e-world next to you is saying on this.

    If you ask my opinion, neither HTML 5 nor flash are fighting on the web for position. Both of them are well established and have their own place and importance. Effectively HTML 5 can’t replace flash. Now, you may say, if there is no battle within the duo, what is the point of discussing it. The idea is to lure the reader’s attention and eradicate the confusion. The discussion here is unbiased and based on observations.

    HTML 5 and Flash has their own specialities and usability. It is better if we discuss them separately.


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