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    Top 5 Available Open Source eCommerce CMS

    When you discuss about online life and PHP development, having an efficient and reliable Open Source eCommerce CMS (Content Management Systems) is becoming more of a need than an option today. We all make use of content management systems for managing various contents online like news articles, blogs, manuals, sales guides and marketing brochures, blogging, building and maintaining websites, selling and marketing products online, etc. Most of them are based on the PHP language and many use ASP.Net to do the job. CMS’s like WordPress, Joomla, etc. can also be used effectively for eCommerce purposes as there are excellent Plugins for you to customise to your requirements.

    For creating the MySQLdatabase, at least a basic knowledge of web hosting is a must. But if you do not have any fundamental knowledge, you can hire experienced PHP Developer from India or any other developing countries.

    Listed below are most widely used 5 open source eCommerce CMS (Content Management Systems) which should help you in choosing the best one for you:

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