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    7 Non-Sleazy Car Salesmen Tricks That Will Increase Your Social Media Success

    A lot of people seem to hate car salesmen more than any other group of people on the planet. Some are definitely sleazy and it’s a good idea to stay away from them, but then you have others who are amazing at their jobs. You can even take what they do and apply it to lots of other things including social media. Take a look at some of these car salesmen tricks and if you like the sound of them you can see if they help take your business to the next level when you use social media.


    Appearance does matter
    Would you buy a car from someone who was standing in a pair of ragged clothes? You definitely wouldn’t buy any car that cost over $10 dollars, but when a salesman is suited and booted you trust them a lot more. Your followers won’t be able to see the clothes you’re wearing when you tweet, but they will be able to see the profile photo you use. If you look at all the social media experts out there they all have professional head shots because they want to give off a good impression.

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    Listen to what they say
    You can spend months writing things on social media and your followers might not care about any of it. Car salesmen don’t start throwing words around when they start speaking to someone. They listen very carefully to what their potential customer has to say then they’ll mold their words around what they think the customer wants to hear. You can do the same thing by reading what your followers are talking about before you start giving them random information they couldn’t care less about.


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    Don’t change their mind
    Let’s imagine for a moment you’ve told a car salesman you want a particular car. What would you do if they turned around and told you to buy something completely different? You wouldn’t do it, but you would also get very defensive. The simple truth is that you can’t force anyone to change their mind and you shouldn’t bother trying. A much better idea is to find out what your customer believes in and you can use advantage of that to lead them in the direction you want to take them.


    Think about your environment
    Different car showrooms will employ different tactics based on the kinds of cars they sell. If you walk into a Ferrari dealership they’re going to act and speak a certain way around you. If you’re only going to buy a used Ford they’ll act differently. You need to remember to act differently depending on which social media platform you use because Facebook users won’t necessarily be the same as Twitter users. LinkedIn users definitely won’t be the same as Pinterest users, so don’t treat them the same way.

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    Double your profits
    Can you imagine what would happen if everyone who bought a car from a particular showroom came back to buy another one after 5 years? The car company would double their profits without having to do anything and it’s all because of one simple thing. Instead of playing the short-game they try to play the long-game. Don’t think about short term gains when you’re interacting with people on social media because you want them to keep buying from you year after year.


    Know what you’re talking about
    If you’re in a particular niche you better know as much about it as possible otherwise you’ll run into trouble. When people start asking you questions you must be able to give them the correct answer of the trust will suddenly go out the window. When car salesmen don’t know everything about a car you’ll wonder how they have the cheek to try selling you it in the first place, so you have to believe your followers will feel that way too if you can’t tell them what they need to know.


    Follow up with people
    You won’t find many people walking into a showroom to pick up a car on the first day. They will probably walk around many different showrooms sizing everything up. Car salesmen will get your contact details and they’ll follow up with you because one quick phone call might convince you to buy from them. Don’t be afraid to say the same thing two or three times on social media. You must follow up with people because they might have forgot or not seen your first few posts.


    Not so sleazy after all
    If you’re trying to sell something you should do everything within your power to succeed as long as you’re not being dishonest. I don’t think any of the things we’ve looked at today will leave a bad taste in your mouth, but they will leave a lot more money in your bank account. Start employing some of these tactics starting from today and see how much they improve your business.

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