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    Advantages of responsive websites

    The uses of smart phones and tablets have become increasingly common among the internet users. From these devices, over the 40% of people is accessing the internet. Because of this, all websites should be able to adapt to different and innovative display modes. If you want to build a successful business on the internet, you must prepare a responsive website design and by doing this you will get a better SEO positioning.

    Many of you might wonder what a responsive website is? Responsive web design is a development technique that makes a website page fit the screen resolution for multiple devices, using structures and fluid images in the process.

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    The approachable web design provides with many advantages to a website and today it has become essential in order to create a successful website.

    Visibility from different devices

    Users usually could access a website from different devices but in order to do this they were redirected to a special site specially designed for that kind of device. This process is in a certain way, a little bit slow and the image resolution gets totally lost.

    Instead, responsive design allows the website to be adapted to multiple devices without the problems stated before. The website adapts to the different currently existing screen resolutions, being accepted by almost all browsers.

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    Improve your visibility on search engines

    With a responsive website design, the visibility has a great potential to improve search engine rankings. The content of your website is vital to be successful using SEO techniques, and so is the quality, originality and the public of your website. With responsive design you make sure that you are not incurring penalties due to duplicate content, because all your content will be in one place and not different sites, something that Google and other search engines value highly.

    Efficient management of the web

    Allows you to easily manage your website, making your work more efficient and reducing the time you have to spend on it. This is achieved because all the work is being focused on one site and the strategy used will be utilized for various devices. By putting all your dedication on a single point of action, the SEO strategy will be one for all devices, which makes it less expensive. However, this does not mean you can relax at this point.

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    Increasing sales

    Responsive web design enhances the user experience on the web. Even though your website gets redirected to a mobile version, your ads remain on your site and image resolution is consistent and preserved, which causes a positive perception on the user being reflected in the conversion rates.

    Cost Reduction

    The cost of both, creation and maintenance of the website gets considerably reduced. With the images and information being contained in only one place avoids having to develop different applications in order to be able to view the website in different devices.

    With a responsive website design the information is not being redirected but is designed to suit the different resolutions, is not necessary to create several formats. For example, you don’t have to create an application for Android, IPhone  etc.

    Responsive website design is certainly an effective solution to provide the best user experience and although all changes require a process, this is definitely worth it for the many benefits it generates for your website. Although it may seem like a hard process to go through, this is going to be inevitable if you want to be visible on the web and get a right SEO positioning in the search engines. So next time you design a website make sure you make it a responsive website design.

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