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    How to Amplify The 3G Signal Reception?

    If on the way home from work or college you are thinking about what has happened on your favorite blogs during the day, or how many unread messages are in your inbox on Facebook, congratulations, you are an Internet junkie! And if after long hours of work you prefer to stay at home and spend some time watching movies, listening to your favorite music or chatting with friends on Skype and can’t do this because of low reception of 3G Internet, I bet it pisses you off. And unfortunately this happens a lot, especially if you live in an isolated area. You see, secluded locations mean not only isolation from noises of the city and traffics but also low signal coming from the mobile base station. But thanks to 3G signal booster stable 3G Internet and remote locations are not mutually exclusive now.

    So if you got tired of constant ruptures of connection and low signal, try 3G signal booster. This device is compact and durable and it effectively intensifies low signal coming from the mobile base station and provides you with uninterruptable and reliable 3G connection so you can enjoy all the perks of the Internet.

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    There are many different versions of mobile 3G boosters that vary in application, working frequency and coverage range. offers AnyTone AT4000 3G, device that will help you to improve the 3G application services: mobile Internet access, wide-area wireless voice telephone, video calls and mobile TV. Look this page for more information about 3G boosters.

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    AnyTone AT4000 3G is a wireless signal booster that can expand the coverage of the base station and fill the signal blind zone to ensure the convenient communication. This device is practical and easy to install. Everything you need for installation you will find in the package, which consists of AnyTone AT4000 3G wireless phone booster, inside antenna, outside antenna +9m cable, power supply and manual. And if you follow instructions provided in the manual you will have no problem with installation of AnyTone AT4000 3G.

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    This model can be used in small areas. Its indoor coverage is about 100 m2 and the working frequency is 2100 MHz, which suits only for Internet connection.

    As regards to 3G signal boosters it is important to notice that mobile operators install special base stations that serve only for data transmission. So if you already have a cell phone amplifier it won’t work for boosting 3G connection.

    If you are interested in purchasing 3G signal booster or cell phone boosters check out This website offers all kinds of cell phone amplifiers and 3G signal boosters suitable for most European countries.


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