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    Differences from the iPod Touch and the iPad

    Technology is fast moving today, and for many who are just “getting with the times” all of the new devices can be confusing.  Here are the main differences between the iPod Touch, also known as the iTouch, and the iPad.  Knowing what each offers can help you determine which the best option for your personal needs is.


    Comparing eBooks and Movies Apps


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    Are you big into eBooks?   The good news is that you can in fact read eBooks on both the iPod touch and the iPad.  Obviously, the iPad with its larger screen would make books easier to enjoy and read in the typical fashion.  If this is the sole reason you want the technology however, you may be better off with something like the Kindle or other E-reader which has a longer battery life, and the proper lighting so that you can avoid eyestrain for the hours you will be staring at the screen.  Winner: iPad, for larger screen.


    Are YouTube videos and movies on Netflix more your style?   Both devices also play video and both have their own advantages in this regard.  Once again, the iPad has the larger screen which is a must for movie buffs who like to watch full length movies on the go.  It also has top notch resolution so the images are clear, and it is LED backlit for a sharper cleaner image.  The iTouch however is more lightweight and may be the wiser choice if you like to watch short clips and music videos on the go.  The screen is smaller, but it actually has more PPI or pixel density, and this is what gives it those vivid images.  Winner: Draw, depending on your preferences.

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    Music and Web Surfing


    Is music your whole world?   Can you get lost in a symphony or not be able to survive the day without listening to your favorite pop artist?   Yes, both devices can in fact play music.  The iTouch was built for storing and playing your music.  It is highly portable as it can slip into a shirt pocket while you listen to music on your head phones.  Newer generations of the iTouch do have speakers built in, and all can be placed into a docking station with speakers if you need it to be loud.  The iPad is a larger device and thus it may not be as portable if you plan on being on the move with your music.  The more powerful built in speakers can be an advantage to those that want their music in the same room with them and don’t want to lug big speakers about.  Winner: iTouch, for portability.

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    Is internet surfing your desire on these devices?   Once again you can get this joy on both devices.  The iPad’s large screen allows you to surf as you would on your desktop computer or laptop, whereas the iTouch lets you have internet access straight out of your pocket.  Both are capable of checking email, playing online games, and continuing your addiction to Facebook.  Winner: Draw, depending on your preferences.


    So which is better?   The answer is it depends on what you want to use it for and simply which appeals to you more.  The differences for many of the functions are slight at best, with size and other options often being the determining factors, so you have to decide what you will be using it for.  Do you go on long commutes or spend a lot of time waiting?   Then the iPad with its big screen for movies and books may be the best option for you.  Are you always on the go and love listening to music?   Then the iTouch may be more your style.  If you are budget conscious then the iPod Touch will be the winner, if you have to have the biggest and newest, then you are iPad all the way.


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