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    Enhance Your Website Performance With A Talented Drupal Developer

    Drupal is indeed the most flexible and scalable content management system on the internet. Thousands of developers and store owners prefer this robust platform for its capability to deliver intricate yet effective Drupal solutions. There are the times, when the Drupal’s performance is sternly affected due to erroneous configuration or optimization issues at different levels of Drupal installation. The best and the most decisive way to avoid such issues is to hire Drupal developer, who relies on the proven methodologies to create websites.



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    Growing Need To Hire Drupal Expert

    Today, websites are no longer the static compilation of the few web pages. For accurate optimization and higher position on the major search engines, it is essential to regularly update your site. This is where an efficient CMS comes into play. Drupal has established itself as one of the most powerful content management systems across the world. It is widely preferred by the online merchants for its open-source aspect and numerous features that help in building a fully operational web store. A mobile-friendly website is the need of an hour. This necessitates the need to hire Drupal programmer, who is capable of building highly-dynamic yet responsive website in the quickest possible time.

    To prevent your site from becoming slow, it is important to work upon certain areas of the website. The overall performance of Drupal website can be determined considering following issues:

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    • Loading time is too long for most of the website pages.
    • Webpage load time is extremely long for the first time visitors on the site.
    • Average page load time is completely slow for logged-in and anonymous visitors.
    • Even, editing, uploading or adding the content on the site is annoying and time taking.
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    Usually, around 20% of response time is consumed in recovering the HTML files along with some of the documents, like images, videos, CSS, JS and others. In order to enhance the response time of your website, hire professional developer who can help you in improving the overall performance of your website by utilizing the following techniques.

    • Combining the files into a single stylesheet, which is a bit complex task as the stylesheet as well as scripts differ from one page to another.
    • Reducing the count of few components, like scripts, images, flash and stylesheets would instantly lower the HTTP requests, thus improving the page speed.
    • Utilize image maps that consist of compressing various images into a single composite image. This technique would reduce the HTTP requests and in turn, will enhance the response time of the page.
    • Make reduction in the image requests through CSS Sprites, combining the background image to form one composite image.
    • Remove all the undesirable modules and improvise the scalability facet of Drupal platform.
    • Install APC module & set Drupal’s caching ability to normal in order to reduce database query.

    Drupal’s performance can be enhanced profoundly by making a few changes in the installation and configuration. Working with Drupal is quite convenient for both developers and users as it is bestowed with certain instinctive features, like powerful administration and multilingual support. Drupal is an incredible open-source platform that gives you the opportunity to customize its features according to your unique requirements.



    A Drupal developer gets combined support from various databases, like jQuery, MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite and others. It is good to hire experienced Drupal developer with extensive understanding of distinct aspects of Drupal web development and optimization.

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