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    Illuminating The Lives Of The Visually Impaired By Introducing User-Friendly Smartphones

    In recent years developers have introduced smartphones and useful apps which allow the visually impaired to hold private communication with their friends and family. A variety of features in the phones have made their life easier. Innovative ways are being adopted to develop devices which cater to the requirements of the blind community. According to World Health Organization there are 285 million blind people in the world. Developers across the globe have taken the challenge to bring the world of smartphones to the blind. Their efforts have come a long way and have transformed the lives of many. Tech giants are joining hands to help the blind.

    An aid for the blind

    An Israeli company has developed a smartphone for the visually impaired. The developers have come up with innovative technology to create high quality products at affordable prices. Visually impaired can be divided into three categories. The younger generation is tech savvy, the older generation may find a smartphone troublesome and finally a section of individuals who are being exposed to a smartphone for the first time. The developers have created an app through which the users will have an access to books, newspapers and audio magazines. The company is aiming at developing an app which read signs and texts vocally when the built-in-camera is focused at it.

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    A user-friendly gadget

    Recently a smartphone has been launched which can be accessed via large buttons. Visually impaired users can use the phone with the help of voice-assisted touchscreen. The built in apps in the smartphone help the users in their daily activities. It can help them to catch a bus, read a printed text, read bills and pinpoint location. This smartphone has been developed by a blind couple. They have taken into account the requirements of the visually impaired. They have tried to offer a digital experience to the blind which can enhance their lives and solve daily problems.

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    Smart accessories

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    Tech giants are introducing accessories which can make the lives of the visually impaired easy. Accessories have been developed which help the blind to find their way in unfamiliar surroundings. When someone or something is on the path of the user the app sends out a vibration and alerts the individual. It can also alert a visually impaired individual if an object is as far as six feet away. Another app has been developed which can read text automatically if the camera is focused on it. The text will be read out aloud to the user.

    Apps can make a difference

    A smartphone with these accessories can be the perfect gift for blind people. Some apps allow the blind to perform an array of functions. They can call up friends and family from a list of contacts. The user can text and tweet easily with the help of spoken instructions. Apps can be purchased in three packages which include travel, lifestyle and communication. The apps help the visually impaired to navigate easily. Everyday problems are solved and the smartphone users feel more confident about their own selves.

    Recent changes

    By adopting latest technology several lives are being transformed. The new smartphones can alter the lives of the people with vision disabilities. The specially designed apps for smartphones can offer a pleasant experience to the visually impaired. After the launch of the smartphones the users have discovered that they are very user-friendly. The phones cater to the requirements and help them to carry on normal activities without hurdles. They visually challenged have been introduced to the world of the internet. These recent developments have transformed the lives of the visually impaired to a large extent.

    Author Bio: Rodolfo James decided to gift his visually impaired sister a specially designed smartphone. The advanced apps and accessories were the perfect gift for blind people.



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