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    Keep Your Personal Data Safe with 3 Amazing Android Applications

    Hackers are always there with some new and unexpected ways to steal your private data. Hence, it is really important to ensure that all your private files in your phones are safe. Check out the 3 most trusted applications that help you to safeguard your data:

    • Andrognito:
      It is the most secure and the latest application to keep your confidential and important files away from the hacker’s reach. So, if you don’t want others to access your android phone, Andrognito is a modern sentinel which perfectly hides and locks all your personal and confidential data. Whether the pictures, videos, documents or some other apps, data of every type is kept safe inside a safe vault, the PIN of which is accessible to only you.
    • Avast Mobile Security:Avast! Mobile Security

      Avast, is not a new name to world of security and now it’s offering security software for Android users too. All the amazing features like anti-malware and anti-theft features are included in the Avast Free Mobile Security app. It also offers browsing protection that prompts whenever you visit a malicious website. There is a privacy advisor which assists you to identify whether the installed apps, asking for some permissions could be potentially dangerous or not.

    • mSecure Password Manager:
      Although, this is not a free app yet, it is worth investment. mSecure Password Manager comes to you at a little price of $9.99. It ideally stores all your passwords and private information in one place. Also, it encrypts all the data to ensure that malicious hackers are unable to access it. That’s why it has earned its place in the top password protector in the business for good reasons.
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    1. I can trust Avast from all three. For mobile Security it’s better to use the best instead of two unknown.


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