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    Keeping Your Data and Devices Safe

    While technological advancements come with many advantages, if you don’t know to keep your data safe, these advancements prove to be useless. Especially, if you have a Hi-tech mobile, knowing how to keep is save from data loss may not be easy to understand and implement.

    That means you are always prone to viruses and cyber attacks, regardless of what brand you are using or how costly your smartphone is.

    Keeping Your Data and Devices Safe

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    Consider practicing the following tips for better data safety:

    Enable Home Screen Password
    On an average, three in ten mobile phones don’t use home screen passwords. This is one of the major reasons for data loss. Remember, it is better to have any password than none.

    Install Mobile Safety Apps
    All new safety apps offer protection against virus and malware attacks. They also come with remote locks and erase options. If you are an iOS user, give Find My iPhone app a try.

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    Stay Updated
    While there are many ways to keep your smartphone or tablet safe, keeping it up to date is the best. And then there are lots of patches that can serve the purpose. Most phones today come with built-in updates to address all kinds of safety vulnerabilities.

    Get a couple of them installed on your phone. Also, ensure that you are using the latest operating system on your device.

    Use Only Secure Internet Networks
    It can be damaging to perform any online activities if the Internet connection that you are using is not safe. It is better not to do online banking or shopping in that case. When accessing public Wi-Fi, don’t forget to check connection security using a VPN on your phone.

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    Be Happy with What You Have
    Although possible, it is unsafe to attempt to exceed your phone’s limitations. This emaciates many of your device’s built-in safety features, making it more prone to breach and theft. And then improving your phone’s capacity in an unnatural manner can never be a safe!

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