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    How to Make Beautiful Photos if You Do Not Have a Professional Camera

    Usually once a year we have a vacation and go somewhere to distant or not very distant lands. After the journey, it is always great to have beautiful photos, which we can show to our friends and to insert to the album. Unfortunately, even very much expensive cameras are not able to provide interesting snapshots. But cheap and ordinary cameras can create if not masterpieces, but rather worthy photos you know definitely how to do it.

    In this article I will tell you several secrets of some professional photographers. So you will know how to take beautiful pictures regardless of your camera’s brand and your photographic experience.

    How to make good photos of cityscape and nature

    Remember: the most dull and “flat” photos can be made at noon. The most suitable time for nice pictures is morning time. That’s why do not be lazy and get up earlier. You will get not only awesome photos, but you will also get a lot of positive emotions.

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    How to take photos correctly. Choose foreshortening and transmit the atmosphere: cozy café, beautiful street lights and narrow vivid streets.

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    If you plan to visit some beautiful place it is better to do it on your own and without crowds of tourists. Unfortunately, all typical tours are conducted at unsuitable times for photography, that’s why there so many typical photos.

    What to do if you can’t avoid the typical tour, but you want to take good photos? It is difficult, but possible:

    –    Go away from the place where all the tourists take photos and find some interesting foreshortening which transmits the atmosphere of the place.

    –    In order to take a vivid photo you should take diverse pictures. For example, put some branch or flower in the foreground.

    –    The photo will revive if you catch some bird, animal or person in the frame.

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    Taking photos of places of interest

    Here are the same rules you should remember about, but I should add some pieces of advice. While shooting make sure that there is some sky above the building, don’t be afraid of capturing the sky.

    How to take good photos of sights. It is always important to leave some space around the building in order to transmit the setting.

    –    Interesting details should be photographed from the close distance in order to show the texture.

    –    Try to convey the size and features of some things by placing a person in comparison.

    –    Nice photos can be taken if you try to catch people and their emotions when they do the sightseeing.

    How to take photos at night and in the evening

    If you don’t want to get night photos with white faces and black background then forget about built-in flash, use tripod and self-timer.


    How to take good photos of sights in the evening.

    –    If you don’t have a tripod at hand, you can use any smooth surface.

    –    In order to get a nice view of the evening streets with lights you should start taking photos when it hasn’t got dark, but at twilight.

    –    When you take a photo of the night city just cover the diaphragm to get a clear shot.

    –    Don’t install your camera under the streetlight.

    –    If you take a photo of any streetlight then go away from it and if you cover a diaphragm a bit the light from it will be in the form of rays, but not the blur.

    Of course it is impossible to know everything and to remember all the tips, but if you try to follow at least some of them each time you will take more awesome pictures.


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