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    14 Powerful & Profitable PHP Extensions, Classes & Utilities

    As amongst the most widely used scripting languages, PHP is accredited for developing some of the most feature rich and large scale applications and web platforms in the past. Presently, the demand of PHP development services is ubiquitous and too substantial to be overlooked. Given the present day scenario, we deemed it perfect to introduce a set of PHP based extensions, classes and utilities which serves the greatest value to the website developers, and have been utilized time and again by various developers and development companies.

    Find out below our list of 14 extremely useful PHP extensions, utilities and classes which you can easily include in your project to render high end capabilities to the same.

    14 Power Packed PHP Extensions, Utilities and Classes

    1.    HTML Purifier – It is a filter library written in PHP, which actively complies with the standards and removes any malicious or dysfunctional codes (XSS). The same is done in an audited and secure way, and in addition to that, the library also ensures that the HTML written document complies with all the standards. Lastly, this library is open source and can be customized thoroughly.

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    2.    SimplePie – As a PHP class, SimplePie allows the developers to easily work with RSS feeds. You may also check out the RSS and Atom Feed Reader online that would demonstrate simple web applications making use of Simple Pie.

    3.    Creole – Creole can be simply understood as the database abstraction layer used in PHP 5. Its function is to abstract the native API specific to the database and develop codes which are easily portable. This helps the developers to achieve a completely clean and object oriented interface.

    4.    XAJAX PHP class library – if you have been looking for easy ways to work with PHP Ajax applications, this is the ultimate option for you since it provides the developers with an API that is rather simple to use and manages all of the tasks pertaining to AJAX.

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    5.    phpMyAdmin – We have invariable discovered that developers working with PHP often have to set up the LAMP configurations. Well, this library allows you to explore, export, import and build MySQL Databases.

    6.    htmlSQL – A unique tool, it is powered by PHP and is used for querying HTML values in a syntax which resembles that of SQL.

    7.    PHPMathPublisher – This allows the developers to publish various mathematical documents faultlessly on their web pages. The best attribute about this library is that it uses only PHP components for the same, and does not make use of LaTex or MathML, which are not really welcomed by the serve anyway.

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    8.    The Greatest PHP Snippet File Ever – Although the name sounds weirdly filmy, the library is rather extensive and resourceful. This library has a little something to offer to all and sundry. Although it works perfectly with Notepad ++ and Quicktext, it can be used for any text editor of your choice.

    9.    PHP User Class – With the help of this excellent script, the users can easily develop rather extensive systems for user authentication that would include Registration, account profiles, log-in and more. With all the functionalities and the features in place, this turns out to be a rather profitable and required library, especially if you would like the authentication feature in the web property.

    10.    PHP-GTK – An amazing extension of PHP, it is used for dealing with toolkit of GTK +, which is a robust platform for developing lively graphical user interfaces. This library consists of a set of extremely useful OOP Functions and Classes which helps the developers to speed fast the development process and come up with rather alluring GUIs running on client side.

    11.    PHPLinq – With the help of this object, one can easily include the native capabilities to run data queries in PHP, with a syntax that oddly resembles SQL. The library defines a range of query operators, which can be later used to work on arrays, XML, enumerable classes, third party sources and relational databases.

    12.    TCPDF – It is a simple to use and open source PHP platform which is used for faultlessly creating PDF documents.

    13.    PHPExcel – It is a set of highly resourceful PHP classes which makes it superlatively simple for the developers to work with Microsoft Excel files. IT allows the users to read files in the Excel formal and edit them as well. It can be used for a multitude of Excel related tasks, especially if you would like to generate Excel spreadsheets dynamically.

    14.    Phormer – if you are looking for impressive ways to publish the photos online, this is the library for you as it allows the users to store and manage galleries, and also to categorize and efficiently administer the photos posted online.

    This brings us to the end of this post. For finest quality, superior services please Hire PHP Programmers for your development project. Also, do let us know what you felt about these utilities, extensions and classes, in the comments section below. We await your responses.


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