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    Steps to Keep Your Data Secure While Backing Up To the Cloud

    The number of cloud users is increasing every day. With this, the number of groups developing malicious programs and techniques to hack cloud applications is increasing too.

    While you cannot and should not ignore cloud just because there are some security concerns, it’s also important that you take some preventive measures. Here’re some steps you should take to keep your data secure while taking cloud backups:

    Secure your data on Cloud

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    Don’t Move Sensitive Data to the Cloud

    While the cloud can accommodate anything, you should not keep highly critical information on it.

    There are two main routes for miscreants to access and damage your data – your cloud provider’s infrastructure and your login credentials.

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    Both of them may not always keep your secrets safe!

    So, back up what’s necessary! Don’t backup everything.

    Stronger, Better Passwords

    Do you avoid having strong passwords only because you can’t remember them?

    Well, that’s just an excuse!

    Choose a random word or an unbreakable alphabet-digit combination, and use it as a password.

    Keep typing it in frequently and you’ll permanently memorize it in no time.

    Have Something to Fall Back Upon

    You can’t fully eliminate all cloud security threats; so, avoid keeping all your eggs in one basket and always have some alternatives in place.

    You can have a separate email ID for an emergency situation, for example. Also, get a 3G card that can be used during downtime.

    A second option can help you survive a crisis situation.

    Best Possible Encryption

    Choose a cloud provider that can locally encrypt and decrypt your files and applications besides storage and backup.

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    This will help ensure unauthorized persons can’t access your data on the cloud. After all, encryption is so far the most reliable method of protecting data!

    Give More Attention to Your Inbox

    It’s fine if you don’t care much for websites where you don’t keep crucial details related to your credit cards, business policy, etc. But your email inbox is important; this is where all of your login credentials redirect to while resetting passwords. So, either protect it with a unique password or enable two-stage authentication.

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