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    Top 5 Digital Photography Apps for Your Smartphone

    The world around us has changed significantly over the last decade, and now people prefer to complete their tasks through digital tools like laptops and smartphones. Smartphones have got special place in lives, as they are always helpful in completing different everyday tasks. Whether you want to make a call to someone or capture a snapshot, smartphones are always helpful. However, there is a problem that the pictures captured through phones are not always reliable to share because of bad quality. You cannot compare them with other pictures captured by digital cameras. Here is the solution to this problem. Mentioned below are five best apps that are helpful in digital photography using smartphones.

    1.    QuickShot: The first such app that can facilitate you while photography is quickshot, and we are recommending it because of its superb results. 

    •    The operating system required for this app is iOS 4.0 or later.

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    •    Created by Apple, this app doesn’t let you miss any shot. It captures without any delay.

    •    It only supports Apple products.

    2.    Cinemagram: This app is available at the platforms of Apple and Android. The Android users can get it for free, as they charge nothing for downloading and using.

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    •    It will break your short movie into pieces and then allow you to make pictures out of them. It sounds difficult, but it is easy to use. You complete a video and then start getting pictures of your favorite moments out of that video.

    •    All the android and iOS smartphones can run this app.

    •    It is a recommended app because it has got something to offer you.

    3.    Camera+: Camera+ is undoubtedly a worth buying app because it offers you more than one thing. It includes so many features and is a complete package.

    •    This app offers you image stabilizer, timer modes, filters and handy editing features. What the best about it is you can also write captions for your pictures that you can share with your friends afterwards.

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    •    This time again, it is an Apple’s product and you cannot get it for free. All the Apple smartphones can support this app.

    •    It is the best app that one can see while surfing on internet. If anyone is planning to purchase any app for his smartphone, then he should give priority to this app.

    4.    Fast Burst Camera Lite: As the name depicts, this app is best for those who want to capture pictures with high quality. 

    •    With the use of this app, you can capture as many as 30 frames in a second, which is great. Furthermore, it also includes a built-in photo editor.

    •    It just supports Android smartphones, so it is not everyone’s type offer.

    •    It is definitely worth getting but you will need to purchase its ad-free version to remove the ads.

    5.    GroupShot: This time again, the name tells why it was created by Apple. This app is best for students who stay in group and often want to take photos in group.

    •    With this app, you can gather your several pictures into one frame and make a group photo.

    •    As mentioned, it just supports Apple’s smartphones. The smartphones above iPhone 4 will show good results with it.

    •    The final group photo will not be of high quality.

    Most of the above mentioned apps are not for free, and you will have to purchase them if you want to use them. You can purchase them using your PayPal account. This PayPal contact will allow you to use your favorite app.


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