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    Where to find quality open source CMS developers

    A content management system (CMS) is a computer application that helps publish formatting/editing and changing material and content as well as preservation from a central interface. Such systems of content management offer methods to handle workflow in a mutual surrounding. These methods and procedures can be guiding manual steps or a mechanized flow. CMSs have been obtainable since the late 1990s.

    CMSs are a lot used to operate websites having different news, blogs, and entertainment and shopping. Several commercial and advertising websites often use CMSs. CMSs characteristically try to keep away from the need for hand coding but may sustain it for exact essentials or complete pages.


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    Choosing the right CMS is the first step to create a Content Strategy. The best thing about open source in common is the community of developers globally functioning to enhance platforms and enlarge potential said Michael LaVista, CEO and founder of Web consulting and custom Web development company Caxy Interactive. But dissimilar open-source CMS platforms have changeable levels of support and documentation accessible. He further suggested that businesses look for platforms that offer help, provide counseling and bring wide-ranging guides.

    In recent news it is being observed that AT&T, an American multinational telecommunications corporation wants to tap the open-source community to develop applications for linked wearable, mobile devices, home appliances and vehicles.

    The company is intriguing staff recommendations and suggestions for applications and speedily prototyping the most admired ones, which are then measured for commercial use. The program engages outreach to external developers by opening up APIs (application programming interfaces) to assist convert the prototypes into products.

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    Open-source developers will play a vital responsibility in developing apps, policy and management tools, said Marian Croak, Senior vice president of applications and services infrastructure at the company. AT&T wants to arrange data relocation for sensors and mobile devices over its wired and wireless networks, she said.

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    The quality open source CMS developers are highly paid and rare to find in the market as they have key skills of being creative and imaginative. These quality developers are usually found in and are part of well known organizations and tend to move from one organization to other depending upon the opportunity being offered.  Recent news confirmed that Open Source and community outreach made precedence with new Sony hire as Sony Mobile hires FreeXperia developer to enhance open source work and community outreach. This is a very positive step taken by Sony to hire Cyanogenmod’s FreeXperia developer Alin Jerpelea who has been assisting to bring the Cyanogenmod firmware to Sony’s Xperia devices since 2010. Furthermore Alin will be capable to facilitate Sony contribute back to the AOSP (Android Open Source Project) in a significant way and this hire indicates a greater message from Sony.


    Karl-Johan, Head of Developer Relations at Sony told to the media that he is very happy that Alin is becoming part of his team, as this is an immense way for them to boost their activity on Android Open Source Project and other open source initiatives. It will also make it promising for them to work even nearer with the community in this region.

    The open source CMS developers are mostly found in communities they have made online where they discuss the opportunities and up-coming challenges they may face in the industry. These communities are helping these developers hare ideas and assist each other in moving forward. However such communities have mostly male members and female members play a very small role in these communities. A recent news and survey had confirmed that women make up less than two percent of the open source developer community, according to a 2007 survey by the National Center for Women & Information Technology.


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