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We are always looking for new content by allowing well written articles from freelancers, guest writers and permanent authors to feature their sharing, insights, opinion and technical writing.

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Article Submission Policies

Want to write for us? We are expecting high quality articles for the guest post where certain requirements must be followed as below:

  1. We accept all kinds of articles, however niches such as porn, sex, escort, tobacco, guns, drugs, gambling, hate crime and anything we saw inappropriate are strictly prohibited.
  2. We accept putting links in an article for the purpose of promotion, however they are strictly limited to maximum of one (1) link in each article.
  3. If multiple links are required in an article where you may need to put them as a credit to the original source/resources, please do so. However if they are found to be explicitly written to market or sell a product, tool, service or app affiliated to the writer, it is strictly prohibited.
  4. A series of related articles are allowed, however the cumulative number of links are strictly limited to THREE (3) for the total series.
  5. Copied or plagiarised articles are not allowed. If found, they will be removed instantly.
  6. If we found afterwards the same submitted content available anywhere besides WPTidBits, it will also be removed.

Now the requirement of the article content are as below:

  1. Please write the article in the form or Microsoft Word, plaintext or html format.
  2. Ensure the article is submitted with a full title.
  3. For the purpose of SEO, a keyword shall be provided and they must be mention at least once in the title and the content of the article.
  4. All images must be in JPG format.
  5. Ensure that images used in your submission have their copyright sorted out or are free to use.
  6. Please ensure that image files are named in lowercase, and hyphenated (instead of underscored or with spaces) like this: tool-app.jpg.
  7. If your article is submitted in the form of Microsoft Word, and have images in them, please also Zip all image files in a separate folder named IMAGES.
  8. The images should be in the highest possible resolution to ensure they do not appear blurry when published.
  9. By default, the first image in the article will be the featured image for the article. If you need other image as the featured ones, please mention in prior.
  10. We are not allowing any author account creation or author access into our website. However we still require author profiles (Name, Email, Bio, Website, etc.) so that we may create the authorship for the post.
  11. When submitting the first article or the next article, DO NOT ask us to put different profile@author bio for that article. We will ignore this kind of request! The Author of article and email submitter must be the same! We may do some background check!
  12. DO NOT ASK US TO CHOOSE one title from a series of article from your list. You should know what you want to be published.

Basically just submit whatever you wish, if we found they are inappropriate or against the above requirement, we may return it back to you for changes or will not be entertained at all.

If you need some flexibility in your article, do contact us at wptidbits[at]gmail[dot]com.